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Elevate sensory experiences, ignite the flow of exciting ideas, and evoke creativity

THC Prerolls

Hand separated, carefully crafted, and all natural. 

We begin with full flower and craft our prerolls using only bold fruit strains. 

Our unique five step separation process highlights each strain’s distinct natural flavors. 

Custom anti-shatter glass preroll tubes enhance natural flavor & maintain freshness.

Forbidden Fruit
Our flagship preroll. Passionfruit and cherry aromas surround your senses. Hybrid.

Pure rice paper Elements™️ cone for the smoothest burn

Scents of sweet floral and subtle earth. Hybrid.

Bright California citrus aromas. Sweet and zesty flavors. 

Berry and Tahitian vanilla flavors evoke a scent of comfort. Indica.

Lush & ripe scents, natural honey undertones. Hybrid.

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Blueberry Hemp Preroll
Bold berry sun-ripened flavors embrace sweet scent undertones. Indica.

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